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Save time and money, and sign up for monthly membership car wash!

Rather than paying ‘per wash’ why not pay a monthly rate instead and get your car washed as often as you’d like? That’s right, these companies offer you unlimited car wash for a fixed monthly rate. Members gain access to Fast Lanes where they enjoy priority service and skip the usual long lines. Others also have Members Only areas where members get to lounge and relax while their car gets washed.

Below is a list of the top car wash clubs in the Omaha Area. It includes their Location, Membership Perks, and their Rates. Check them out and see which one you like most.

Club Car Wash

Club Car Wash opened their first branch as Tiger Express Wash in Columbia, Missouri back in 2006. They continued to open more braches in Missouri and finally rebranded to Club Car Wash in 2019. Currently, they have branches in Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, and Wisconsin. They now have 4 locations in Nebraska with a fifth one scheduled to open on July 2022.

Omaha – N 72nd Street
6607 North 72nd Street
Omaha, NE 68122

Omaha – S 72nd Street
4802 South 72nd Street
Omaha, NE 68127

Omaha – N 108th Street
3120 North 108th Street
Omaha, NE 68164

Omaha – Gold Street
19393 Gold Street
Omaha, NE 68130

Bellevue – Capehart Road
Opening on October 2022 (as of writing)

  • Contactless Express Member Lane
  • Wash As Often As You Like
  • Free Towel and Vacuums with ALL Washes
  • Usable At Any Club Car Wash Location

Their Unlimited Club allows you to wash as often as you’d like for one monthly price and no contract. Signing up for a membership at one location means you can wash at ANY location. Whether you wash once a week or once a day, the Unlimited Club is a great investment.

Members enjoy UNLIMITED wash at these monthly rates:
Rookie – $20
Bug Prep, Pre-soak, Spot Free Rinse, Blowers

VIP – $27
Everything in ROOKIE + Wheel Brightener, Wheel Blaster, Tri-Foam

Elite – $32
Everything in VIP + Tire Shine, Scented Soap, Foaminator Bath, Underbody Blast, Lava Protection Hot Wax + 2-day Clean Car Guarantee

MVP – $40
Everything in VIP + Tire Shine, Scented Soap, Foaminator Bath, Underbody Blast, Ceramic X3 + 2-day Clean Car Guarantee

Gold Street location Grand Opening Special:
Any Unlimited Wash Plan for only $10 per Month
Valid for 3 Months: June 9 – August 9, 2022

Non-Members can enjoy the same services at these Single Wash rates:

  • Rookie – $7
  • VIP – $12
  • Elite – $17
  • MVP – $25

Any current promotional offers are only available at physical sites. They are not offered in the online store.

Online purchases require one hour to become updated in their physical systems. So you need to wait one hour before attempting to use a plan purchased online.

Russell Speeders Car Wash

Russell Speeders Car Wash is a family-owned business that’s been running for nearly 50 years. It is one of the largest car wash chains in the United States. Their friendly and experienced staff will draw cartoon characters for your kids on the window, give your kids tattoos and even give your dog a treat! After 47 years of testing car wash soaps and equipment they have designed a process they say guarantees the fastest and cleanest car in the marketplace.

Omaha 1
404 S. Saddle Creek Road

Omaha 2
15505 Spaulding Plaza

Omaha 3
11212 Wright Circle

Omaha 5
11818 W. Dodge Road

When you sign up, you will automatically get access to the Members Only Wash Pass Lane. Come up and skip the line – No Questions Asked!

With the Unlimited Wash Pass, you can wash your car every day if you would like!

After you sign up for the program, you can cancel anytime. Simply send an email and they will take care of the rest.*

“If you are not satisfied with any service we will re-perform it no questions asked, we will come to your home or office to do this. We can even bring your vehicle back to our location to save you time and we will replace the gasoline used to accomplish this. If you are still not satisfied we will refund 150% of your purchase.

Manager’s Special
$39.99 Per Month
$19.99 Single Wash
Speed Gloss, Tire Shine, Wheel Brite, Rain X, Simoniz Double Bond, Clear Coat, Underbody Wash, Spa Scent, Bug Prep.

Protect & Shine
$34.99 Per Month
$14.99 Single Wash
Tire Shine, Rain X, Wheel Brite, Clear Coat, Underbody Wash, Bug Prep.

Russell’s Express
$24.99 Per Month
$7.99 Single Wash

*No partial refunds are available. Your membership is vehicle specific. A radio frequency identification tag (Windshield Sticker Number) will be given to members at the time of sign up and placed on the windshield. When a member comes into Russell Speeders Car Wash the Windshield Sticker Number scanner will automatically recognize you as a member, just like easy pass, saving you time and making your carwash experience speedy and convenient.

Membership is per vehicle and for personal use only. Taxis, limos, and other commercial or fleet vehicles are asked to speak with the manager for more information on getting a monthly unlimited commercial club membership. By enrolling in the unlimited wash club membership the member waives any and all rights to withhold or delay payment of the related credit card charges.

Tommy’s Express

Tommy’s Express is more than just a car wash. They believe in enriching lives, adding value, and serving communities. They promise that you will exit their Tommy Tunnel with a shine and a smile; as the saying goes, “look good, feel good.”

At Tommy’s Express, they believe in clean and green. Their industry-leading wash uses low energy and reclaimed water, making it friendly for the planet. They believe in a wash that delivers impressive quality and works with any lifestyle.

S. 132nd St., Omaha
4225 S 132nd St
(402) 204-4999

Burt St, Omaha
17805 Burt St
(402) 364-0820

  • UNLIMITED car washes
  • UNLIMITED clean, shiny, and dry
  • UNLIMITED use of exclusive app lane
  • UNLIMITED access to all locations
  • UNLIMITED guest service
  • UNLIMITED happiness

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Download the TommyClub App today and enjoy endless washing for one low price.

$17 – single wash
$34.99 – per month
Ceramic Body Wax®, Tire Gloss, Red Hot Cleanser, Rainbow Coat®, 3-Step Wheel Cleaning, Tommy Guard®, Underbody Flush

$14 – single wash
$29.99 – per month
Rainbow Coat®, 3-Step Wheel Cleaning, Tommy Guard®, Underbody Flush

$11 – single wash
$27.99 – per month
Wheel Cleaning, Tommy Guard®, Underbody Flush

$8 – single wash
$24.99 – per month
Exterior Wash

Membership/Plan is vehicle specific. Pricing may vary slightly depending on location.


Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple wash, or the works, they’ve got you covered!

  • Underbody Wash – cleans and protects your vehicle for optimal performance.
  • Free Vacuums – enjoy free vacuums every time you wash! Unlimited members have unlimited access to our vacuums.
  • Dry N Shine – the ideal way to wipe away residual water droplets and gently buff painted surfaces for a visibly better shine
  • Rain Repel – causes water to bead and roll off your car with ease; protect the glossy, gorgeous coat you receive with all our products
  • Wheel Bright – extend the life of your tires and remove grime, brake dust, grease, and more
  • Interior Car Cloth – great for keeping the inside of your car just as clean as the exterior
  • Hot Wax – the hardest natural wax known to man protects your car and sheds water for a beautiful coat that lasts longer

204th & Dodge St.
Elkhorn, NE 68022

8007 S 84th St.
La Vista, NE 68128

6135 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68510

2511 S 140th St
Omaha, NE 68144

3711 N 90th St.
Omaha, NE 68134

3540 N 167th Cir
Omaha, NE 68116

Quick and Easy Sign Up
Sign you up in as fast as 30 seconds without even getting out of the car.

Wash Unlimited
Wash as many times as you like in the members only lane!

One Low Monthly Fee
Membership allows you to renew automatically each month, so you don’t have to hassle with payment!

*Cancel Anytime
No penalty or contract, so you can cancel worry free anytime you like.

Member’s Room
The Member’s Only room is exclusive for our unlimited pass holders!
Relax and enjoy taking care of your car, with unfettered access to:

  • Free State of the Art Mat Machine
  • Free Glass Cleaner
  • Free Towels
  • Free All-Purpose Cleaner

$7.99 +tax (Single)
$19.99/mo +tax – (Unlimited)
✔ Wash
✔ Spot Free Rinse

$15.99 +tax (Single)
$27.99/mo +tax (Unlimited)
✔ Tire Shine
✔ Underbody Wash
✔ Wheel Bright
✔ Bug Prep
✔ Clear Coat

$23.99 +tax (Single)
$34.99/mo +tax (Unlimited)
✔ Dry N Shine
✔ Hot Wax
✔ Lava
✔ TriColor
✔ Tire Shine
✔ Underbody Wash
✔ Wheel Bright
✔ Bug Prep
✔ Clear Coat

*You must cancel at least 7 days before your billing date in order to avoid being charged for another month.


Gorilla Carwash is celebrating over 30 years in business. Our goal is simple – to wash cars.

Gorilla Car wash has been voted by our customers to be the top car wash in the area and hasbeen ranked as the top car wash by the Daily Nonpareil in its Reader’s Choice Awards for 16 years!

North Tunnel
4730 Hamilton Street
Omaha, NE 68132
(402) 769-0044

90th & Center
2734 S 90th St
Omaha, NE 68124
(402) 769-0044

West Tunnel
4625 North 90th
Omaha, NE 68134
(402) 769-0044

Emmit Street
11111 Emmit Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68164

South 24th Street
4120 South 24th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68107

156th & West Center
2727 156th St
Omaha, NE 68130
(402) 769-0044

165th & Harrison Street
165th & Harrison Street
Omaha, NE 68136
(402) 769-0044

Multi-Car Family Membership
Our new multi-car family membership option provides multiple washes for multiple vehicles. With our new app-based family membership you receive one wash per day to wash any car. Wash one car one day and another family vehicle on a different day. This new phone-based mobile app simply improves our already exceptional service and advances our commitment to always provide more.

Signup Today
Getting started is super easy! Simply download the new red and yellow Gorilla Car Wash app and complete the easy-to-follow purchase instructions. There’s no one to call, you do everything on your personal phone. You can cancel your membership at any time by simply opening your Gorilla Car Wash app.

Single Car Membership
If you only have one vehicle, Gorilla continues to offer a single-car membership that provides one wash per day, every day, at a slightly lower price. The single car membership, which requires a barcode sticker on your windshield, can be purchased for any vehicle. This is the preferred option for commercial and fleet operations. Please click on the button below to Create An Account.

Always Open
Open 24-hours a day, we’re ready whenever you’re ready, day or night.

Multi-Car ($39.95 per month / $479.40 per year)
Single Car ($29.95 per month / $359.40 per year)

  • Side blaster
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Under Body Wash
  • Pre Soak
  • Blower
  • High Quality Soap Wash

The Works
Multi-Car ($49.95 per month / $599.40 per year)
Single Car ($39.95 per month / $479.40 per year)

  • Everything that’s included in Deluxe plus
  • Wheel & Tire Prep (at Tunnel locations)
  • Foaming Wax
  • Wheel & Tire Scrub (at Tunnel locations)
  • Rainshield Total Surface Gloss
  • Auto Tire Gloss (at Tunnel locations)

Memberships are billed on a monthly basis. Cancellations within a month are not prorated. Refunds are not given if a membership is canceled.


Tidal Wave Auto Spa’s roots stem all the way back to the year 1999 when Scott and Hope Blackstock decided to add a car wash to their Thomaston, Georgia-based auto service center. We started with a simple, 5 bay self-service wand wash. Soon, we expanded the wash with a newly-designed, specialty mud bay, which proved to be a big hit with ATV and ORV enthusiasts.

2004 was a magical year! Tidal Wave opened its very first express car wash and revolutionized the car wash industry. This first express wash, which ultimately became Tidal Wave’s signature model, was located in metro Atlanta. Its success with the public attracted visits from industry insiders from across the country. Tidal Wave’s founders had traveled across the southeast researching ways to improve the industry. Our search helped change the industry, and more importantly, gave our customers a superior car wash experience and a better, cleaner product out of the wash tunnel.

8724 W. Dodge Rd,
Omaha , NE 68154
Phone: 706-938-0991

11902 W Dodge Rd,
Omaha , NE 68154

2008 Cornhusker Rd.
Bellevue, NE 68123
Phone: 706-938-0991

You can purchase your membership online or at your local Tidal Wave Auto Spa. When you join, you’ll receive a Club sticker for a quick, convenient experience. Once your sticker is in place on your vehicle, just drive up to any Tidal Wave Auto Spa location, enjoy your wash, and be on your way!

You’ll always make a great first impression with a shiny, clean car. The Unlimited Wash Club is exactly what you need if you love a clean vehicle. There are so many reasons to join:

It Saves You Money: If you wash your car more than once a month, by the second wash you will already be saving money.

It Saves You Time: The car wash will automatically read your Club sticker, so there’s no need to fumble around for cash or your credit card!

It’s Convenient: Your membership auto-renews every month. There are no contracts or commitments – the Tidal Wave Unlimited Wash Club is a subscription that you can cancel at any time.

$20 – single wash
$29.99 – per month

Protective Coating: Tidal Wave hot Wax

✔Tire Shine
✔Triple Conditioner
✔Rain Repellent
✔Wheel Shine
✔Tidal Wave Rinse
✔Dry N Shine
✔Sea Shine
✔Sea Foam
✔Super Polish

$25 – single wash
$39.99 – per month

Protective Coating: Ceramic Sea Gloss

✔Tire Shine
✔Triple Conditioner
✔Rain Repellent
✔Wheel Shine
✔Tidal Wave Rinse
✔Dry N Shine
✔Sea Shine
✔Underbody Rinse
✔Sea Foam
✔Super Polish
✔Ultra Wheel Shine
✔Ultra Dry
✔Super Lo Paint Glow
✔Sea Seal
✔Mirror Rinse
✔Wheel Shield
✔Fresh Scent
✔Bug Prep


$30 – single wash
$49.99 – per month

Protective Coating: Graph-X4 + Ceramic Sea Gloss

✔Tire Shine
✔Triple Conditioner
✔Rain Repellent
✔Wheel Shine
✔Tidal Wave Rinse
✔Dry N Shine
✔Sea Shine
✔Underbody Rinse
✔Sea Foam
✔Super Polish
✔Ultra Wheel Shine
✔Ultra Dry
✔Super Lo Paint Glow
✔Sea Seal
✔Mirror Rinse
✔Wheel Shield
✔Fresh Scent
✔Bug Prep
✔Fragrant Conditioner

With the Unlimited Wash Club Family Plan, you can add a second vehicle to your membership for a discount of $5 per month off the regular price.

Sample Computation: 

Car 1: $29.99 Dry N’ Shine
Car 2: $29.99 Dry N’ Shine
Total: $59.98/month

Car 1: $29.99 Dry N’ Shine
Car 2: $24.99 Dry N’ Shine
Total: $54.98/month

You could save as much as $60 per year, per additional car!

Each car must be managed with the same credit card in order to be eligible. Family Unlimited Wash Plans must be purchased at a Tidal Wave Auto Spa location.