Guide to Living in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

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Fort Calhoun is located 20 minutes north of Omaha along Highway 75. It is a small town inside of Washington County, east of Blair.

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska - Welcome Sign


Fort Calhoun has a population of 900 people. The median age of a person in Fort Calhoun is 38.5 years old. The population is spread out, with about 20% of the population being people under 18 and 30% of the population being people 55 and older.

What’s Considered Fort Calhoun?

Fort Calhoun is primarily in between County Roads P43 and P32. Highway 75, known as 14th Street, goes through the middle of town. 

Downtown Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

Navigating Fort Calhoun

Highway 75 in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

14th Street, or Highway 75, is the main north and south street. This is also the prominent highway people take to get into Omaha since it links to Interstate 80. When it comes to East and West streets, Monroe and Clay Streets are the two main roads to get around the town.

Hospitals Nearby

Memorial Community Hospital and Health System is located off 14th Street. For more significant surgeries, there are two CHI hospitals and a Nebraska Medicine hospital within a 20-25 minute drive of Fort Calhoun.


Fort Calhoun High School

Fort Calhoun Community School has an elementary school and a junior/senior high school. Fort Calhoun High School is a Class C1 school in sports. 

Parks & Recreation

There are a few recreational activities to do in Fort Calhoun. Although there aren’t many parks within the city, there are several places that people can go to and tourist attractions to get out in nature.


Downtown Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

Not only does Fort Calhoun have a few restaurants, but they also have many museums and cool things to tour. Fort Atkinson was the first fort built west of the Missouri River.

Boyer Chute, DeSoto Refuge, and the Washington County Museum are all exciting places to go with your family. If you’re looking for more, downtown Omaha is only 20 minutes away from Highway 75.

City Services

Fort Calhoun City Hall

The Mayor of Fort Calhoun is Mitch Robinson. There are four city council members.

Water & Sewer: City of Fort Calhoun

Electricity: OPPD
Gas: MUD

Trash: Abe’s, Papillion Sanitation, or Defenbaugh