How To Pronounce

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By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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When you move to a new city, you’re going to encounter words (or acronyms) that you’ve never seen before. Below are some commonly commonly mispronounced words along with the correct pronunciation.

Papillion, Nebraska

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“Aksarben” is Nebraska spelled backwards. There is a neighborhood called Aksarben as well as a bunch of different businesses.


Giles is a main road in Sarpy County and it’s very common for transplants to mispronounce this word.


Louisville is a small town south of Omaha. It’s pronounced a little differently than the city in Kentucky.


Millard is a school district and an area of town.


M.U.D. is the acronym for Metropolitan Utilities District. M.U.D. is the provider of water, sewer, and natural gas in the Omaha area. It’s not pronounced like very wet dirt.


O.P.S. stands for Omaha Public Schools and it’s the largest school district in the area.


Papillion is a large suburb (and school district) south of Omaha in Sarpy County. And it’s frequently mispronounced by non-locals.


It’s the acronym for the the University of Nebraka – Omaha. It’ not to be confused with the kids card game.