Dry Cleaning in Omaha

Ryan Renner - Omaha Real Estate Agent
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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Moving to a new city means finding a new dry cleaner. Here are a few dry cleaners to consider.

Max I Walker – This is the dry cleaner I use. They have over 20 locations in the Omaha area. They also offer a laundry service. They aren’t the cheapest, but they do a great job at a decent price. If you want to save some money, consider bringing in your dry cleaning on a Wednesday to take advantage of Walker Wednesday.

Fashion Cleaners – 6 locations in the Omaha area. Known for being a very high-quality dry cleaner but also on the pricier side. They also offer laundry pick-up and delivery.

Camelot Cleaners – 6 locations in the Omaha area. Unfortunately, I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of Camelot Cleaners.

NuTrend Dry Cleaners – This place also has 6 locations in the Omaha area. Known as being more affordable but also still good quality.

Tide Dry Cleaners – This is a national franchise named after the laundry detergent. It has two locations in Omaha but you can drop-off your dry cleaning at several grocery stores. Personally, I’ve never used them. I remember looking at the pricing and noticing it is a little higher than other local dry cleaners.

$2.99 Any Garment Cleaners – My wife dry cleans A LOT of her clothes. For a long time, we took most of our dry cleaning here. At that point, it was $1.99. The quality is good for the price, but you might want to look elsewhere for your more expensive items.

Wash World – They don’t offer dry cleaning, but they do offer pick-up and drop-off of your laundry.

Many grocery stores offer dry cleaning services as well.