Is Omaha Safe?

Ryan Renner - Omaha Real Estate Agent
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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Moving to a new city is a huge decision. You should be as informed as possible before making the leap. So, let's talk about crime in Omaha. Is Omaha a safe city? Well, that’s what we are going to talk about. SPOILER: Omaha is generally considered a safe city.

Aerial View of Dundee Days in Omaha, Nebraska

Uncomfortable Truth

Talking about crime and safety can be a little complicated. If you are moving from a small rural town, you might think Omaha is a big city with rampant crime.

I grew up in a town of 3,500 people about an hour north of Omaha – I know what people say.

If you are moving from a bigger city, Omaha might be this wonderful oasis with little crime.

It all depends on your perspective and life experience.

And some people, when they ask about crime, are really just fishing for demographic information. They want to know what type of “people” live in a particular area or neighborhood.

And when you read online (or talk to others) about Omaha, just remember everyone carries their own internal bias.

They may tell you a neighborhood is unsafe. But is that because they lived in that neighborhood and have direct knowledge? Or is that just what they heard?

Ok, enough of my ranting, let’s talk about crime.

As a real estate agent, I have to be careful not to violate Fair Housing laws. In this article, I won’t tell you to avoid a particular area of town. I try to provide factual data versus anecdotal data.

Omaha Crime Rates

The good news is Omaha is generally considered a safe place to live.

But, if look at raw numbers, Omaha has a higher crime rate than the national average.

According to U.S. News & World Report, Omaha’s violent crime and property crime rate was higher than the national average in 2020.

Neighborhood Scout also analyzed Omaha’s crime data. If you compare Omaha to other cities, regardless of size, Omaha has a high crime rate.


When NeighborhoodScout compared Omaha with other communities its size, we found that the crime rate was near the average for all other communities of similar size. rated Omaha a “C” when it comes to “Crime & Safety.” The site noted Omaha’s violent and property crime rates.

Omaha Crime Map

If you are curious about crime in a particular area, take a look at The data is provided directly by the Omaha Police Department, which only covers the city of Omaha.

Omaha Crime Map

Crime Rates For Nearby Cities

It’s important to note the stats above only cover the City of Omaha.

Sarpy County and other suburbs in the area including Papillion, Gretna, Bellevue, and Bennington are not covered.

Below are grades and rankings for cities in the area.
Crime Grade
Crime Index
(higher is better)
La VistaB-38

Homeless Population

Some people judge a city’s safety based on how many homeless people there are.

This isn’t a great way to evaluate a city.

Omaha has seen an uptick in homelessness, but I wouldn’t say it is worse than any other city of similar size.

Safety Precautions When Visiting Omaha

If you plan to visit our city, you’re in for a treat. Omaha has a lot of great things to do.

But, with any new destination, it’s essential to take precautions to ensure your safety during your stay in Omaha.

If you are in the Old Market or downtown, you may see police or security guards roaming the streets.

The Gene Leahy Mall (and The RiverFront) have about a half dozen security personnel and off-duty police officers who keep a watchful eye.

Arches Playground at Gene Leahy Mall
Gene Leahy Mall in Downtown Omaha

While Omaha is a relatively safe city, it’s recommended to apply general street smarts. Don’t be stupid and you should be fine.


If you are researching homes or areas you want to live in, there are a few things that can be helpful.

Google Street View

Found a house you love and want to know more about the neighborhood? Punch that address into Google Maps and use Google Street View to take a tour of the neighborhood.

Google Streetview

You can even see how the neighborhood has changed over the years by clicking on see more dates. Google will show you all the previous photos they have.

Is Omaha Safe… According to Reddit?

It’s critical you don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Use all the information I’m throwing at you as a way to make an informed decision.

Reddit is a wonderful resource and has several threads about Omaha crime. Including threads about LGBTQ safety as well as walkable neighborhoods.

Read those posts (and this website, for that matter) with a healthy form of skepticism.