Guide to Little Bohemia in Omaha

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Little Bohemia is an under-the-radar gem in Omaha’s urban landscape. Located just south of downtown Omaha, this neighborhood has transformed into a vibrant hub while still retaining charm of its Czech heritage.

Little Bohemia Omaha


Czech settlers seeking opportunities arrived in Omaha during the late 19th century. They established a community, which was later referred to as Little Bohemia, along the 13th Street of Omaha. Their initial migration was heavily driven by employment opportunities in local industries such as the meatpacking sector and other manual labor jobs.

As more people joined the community, Czech businesses, restaurants, and bars really started thriving in the zone outlined by Pierce Street up north, Martha Street down south, 10th Street on the east, and 16th Street on the west.

This neighborhood turned into a hub for social and cultural happenings among Omaha’s Czech residents. Its distinct character, reflected in the buildings and long-standing local establishments, are still evident today.

Map of Little Bohemia


Little Bohemia in Omaha offers an eclectic mix of dining experiences sure to satisfy varied palates. Here is a snapshot of some popular restaurants in the area.

Fizzy’s Fountain & Liquors

Fizzy’s is known for its vibrant cocktail bar scene and classic American cuisine with a modern twist. Patrons commend Fizzy’s Fountain & Liquors for its delightful ambiance and friendly bartenders. Take a trip back in time by placing your order on the dial-up phones at every booth. This retro-inspired venue is the perfect spot to sip on craft cocktails or choose from a selection of fine liquors. Fizzy’s is renowned for its creative drink menu and the throwback atmosphere that makes it a standout spot in Little Bohemia. 



Muchachos brings the vibrant flavors of modern New Mexican cuisine to the heart of Omaha. Known for their mouth-watering brisket and house-made tortillas, they’ve quickly become a favorite amongst residents. Food enthusiasts flock to Muchachos for the fusion of traditional Mexican fare with Southern barbecue, creating a taste that’s truly one-of-a-kind. 

La Sierra

La Sierra

At La Sierra, guests are treated to a taste of authentic Durango, Mexico-style dishes focused on genuine flavor and fresh ingredients.

Their extensive menu features beloved staples as well as unique bites. Customers especially enjoy their extensive drink menu that boasts micheladas and margaritas. La Sierra’s commitment to original recipes and a warm, welcoming atmosphere has made it a must-visit for those seeking a culinary escape. 

Cascio’s Steakhouse


A visit to Little Bohemia wouldn’t be complete without a meal at Cascio’s Steakhouse, a neighborhood institution since 1946.

This family-owned Italian steakhouse serves generous cuts of steak with a salad, potato, and mostaccioli with red sauce. Generations of families and friends have gathered at Cascio’s for its timeless charm and consistently delectable dining experience.


Little Bohemia is a treasure trove for shoppers, offering a diverse range of unique boutiques and artisan shops. From handcrafted leather goods to sustainable bridal options, this neighborhood promises a truly local shopping experience.

Fontenelle Supply Co.

In Little Bohemia, shoppers will find Fontenelle Supply Co., a destination for high-quality, American-made leather goods. They specialize in durable products ranging from belts to bags, each piece reflecting meticulous craftsmanship. The shop’s rugged aesthetic appeals to those who appreciate durable and timeless pieces.

Dusk Goods & Gifts


Dusk Goods & Gifts offers a carefully curated collection of items that are perfect for thoughtful gift-givers. The store is known for its selection of unique home goods, stationery, and jewelry. There’s a fantastic variety for customers to explore, thanks to a collection of goods sourced both locally and internationally. The shop carries an eclectic mix of goods including home decor, jewelry, and gifts, all infused with a creative and artisanal spirit.

Noa Brides

Noa Brides

For brides conscious about both style and sustainability, Noa Brides offers a selection of wedding dresses from designers who focus on ethical production practices.

Brides are able to make a positive impact with their wedding dress choices. Emphasizing individuality and environmental consciousness. This bridal gallery also focuses on fostering an inclusive environment for all brides. 


Little Bohemia has become a hub for eclectic nightlife options in the past few years. From retro arcades to modern rooftop bars, the district caters to various tastes and preferences.

Tiny House Bar


This 110-year-old home is a go-to spot for those who enjoy cozy atmospheres combined with creative cocktails.

Tiny House Bar, true to its name, offers an intimate setting where patrons can savor handcrafted drinks and engage in lively conversations. The bartenders at Tiny House are renowned for their mixology skills, crafting beverages that are both innovative and reflective of the neighborhood’s Bohemian spirit.

Beercade 2


Beercade 2 combines the nostalgia of vintage arcade games with a wide range of craft beers, creating a lively atmosphere for a night out with friends. From classic pinball machines to beloved video games, patrons can relive their childhood while enjoying one of the many craft beers on offer. 

And if you are wondering, the original Beercade is in Benson.

Lumen Beer


Lumen Beer stands out for its selection of locally-produced beers, which highlight regional flavors and brewing expertise. Lumen Beer’s taproom is not just a place to try exceptional brews but also a communal space where beer enthusiasts gather to share their passion. On certain nights, guests can also enjoy live music and community events.

Other Businesses

Surly Chap Barbers

Surly Chap Barbers in Little Bohemia

Surly Chap Barbers is a popular barbershop in Little Bohemia. Owned and operated by licensed barbers, it has garnered a reputation for offering a range of gentlemen’s services, tailored to meet the needs of the discerning modern man.

Archetype Coffee

Archetype Coffee

Archetype Coffee is the go-to spot for coffee lovers. Each cup features top-notch beans roasted to create unique flavors. It’s not just about coffee; they host cool workshops, support local artists, and are a hub for community events. The owner of Archetype Coffee, Isaiah Sheese, won first place in the National Barista Championship in 2023.

Living in Little Bohemia

Residents of Little Bohemia treasure the neighborhood’s historical roots mixed with modern living spaces. Older homes with Czech architectural influences are interspersed with renovated apartments that cater to various lifestyles.

Renters can also enjoy living in the heart of Little Bohemia at Little Bo Bungalows and Flats. 

Little Bo Bungalows & Flats

Little Bo Bungalow in Little Bohemia in Omaha

Little Bo Bungalows & Flats is a newer residential community in the Little Bohemia neighborhood. This community offers a variety of living options, including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, and bungalow-style lofts.

Residents enjoy a range of amenities, including a 24-hour fitness center, heated underground parking, private entrances, and a community lounge. A notable feature is the roof deck community room, which provides a stunning view of Downtown Omaha.

Public Transportation

For those living in or visiting Little Bohemia, public transportation is both accessible and user-friendly. The area is serviced by Omaha’s bus system, making stops throughout the neighborhood. The 13th Street corridor allows for swift travel to Downtown Omaha and other parts of town.