Ice Skating Rinks in Omaha

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Whether you’re a seasoned skater or looking to glide on ice for the first time, Omaha offers a variety of ice skating rinks to suit your needs.

Omaha Skate Ribbon at Heartland of America Park

Liberty First Credit Union Arena


The Liberty First Credit Union Arena Ice Rink in Ralston periodically offers public ice skating. It’s $5 and if you don’t have your own skates, they do have skate rentals.

The ice rink can also be reserved for hockey leagues, birthday parties, and other events.

Mahoney State Park Outdoor Ice Rink

Mahoney State Park, outside Ashland, has a large outdoor ice rink! The park also has several other activities during winter season like sledding, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing. They even have a large indoor playground.

UNMC Ice Rink

UNMC - Omaha, Nebraska

The UNMC Ice Skating Rink, positioned as a seasonal highlight in Omaha, offers a blend of recreational activity and community engagement. The rink stands adjacent to the Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education, inviting both the public and the UNMC community to partake in the joy of skating.

Practical amenities like parking and restrooms are thoughtfully arranged, and the rink’s operational status is attuned to weather conditions, ensuring safety and optimal skating conditions.

Grover Ice Rink

Grover Ice Rink - Omaha, Nebraska

Located at 6171 Grover St, Grover Ice Rink is a top spot for casual and competitive skating. Known for its friendly staff and well-maintained facilities, Grover Ice offers public skating sessions, hockey leagues, and even adult skate nights. Plus, they hold special events throughout the year, like holiday-themed skates, making it an engaging community hub.

On weekends, you’ll often find birthday parties, group events, and skating lessons happening on the ice. The venue also has an arcade area to keep little ones entertained between skate sessions. Full-service food and beverage bar is available, which serves classic concession fare like hot dogs, pizza, and nachos.

Motto McLean Ice Arena

Motto McLean Ice Arena - Omaha, Nebraska

Honoring the legacy of Canadian hockey player Motto McLean, this arena offers family specials, including skate rentals, ice time, and a drink.

It’s a part of the Omaha Parks and Recreation system and provides an accessible and enjoyable experience for skaters of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re looking to practice your figure skating moves, enjoy a fun family outing, or just spend some time gliding on the ice, Motto McLean Ice Arena is a great option

Baxter Arena

Baxter Arena

Baxter Arena offers an inviting and fun-filled ice skating experience at the Holland Ice Rink. Whether you’re looking to spend a leisurely morning, a vibrant afternoon, or an enchanting evening on the ice, Baxter Arena caters to all ages and skill levels.

What makes Baxter Arena stand out is its accessibility and affordability. For those who don’t own skates, the arena offers hockey and figure skates for rent, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the thrill of skating.

Tim Moylan Tranquility Iceplex

Moylan Tranquility Ice Plex - Omaha, Nebraska

This iceplex features NHL- and Olympic-sized ice sheets, perfect for hockey players and figure skaters. Offering over 1,500 hours of open skating to the public, the Moylan Iceplex includes skate rental in the admission fee. Plus, you can grab a bite to eat at their on-site concession stand, making it an excellent place for a day out with family or friends.

Omaha Skate Ribbon

Omaha Skate Ribbon at Heartland of America Park

A unique addition to Heartland of America Park in downtown Omaha, the Omaha Skate Ribbon is a versatile space that transforms from a roller skating area to an ice skating in November. Located near the corner of Eighth and Farnam Street, this outdoor rink is free to use. If you don’t have skates, you can rent skates for a minimal fee.

It is just steps from the Gene Leahy Mall and the Kiewit Luminarium. This spot can get popular so you may have to make a reservation.

Parking can be limited, so plan accordingly.