Mutual of Omaha’s New Headquarters

Mutual of Omaha has officially begun construction on its new 44-story headquarters tower in downtown Omaha.

Construction on new Mutual of Omaha headquarters in downtown Omaha

The tower is on the west end of the newly renovated Gene Leahy Mall. It’s being built on the site of the former downtown library.

The 677-foot tall office tower is set to open in 2026. It’s designed to support flexible work arrangements with 44 stories and approximately 800,000 square feet of office and meeting space.

It will also include parking for 2,200 vehicles. The parking garage will be run by the city. Mutual associates will use the garage during business hours and it will be open to the community during evening and weekend hours.

The new headquarters, known as Project Beacon, will be the tallest building in Omaha (and Nebraska). It will also be taller than any building in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

The project is a significant addition to downtown and the Old Market area. It marks the largest single workforce infusion in the area in a generation.

The building will feature an inviting street-level lobby with a conference center and an “experience center” to share Mutual’s history, brand, and impact.

A five-floor lobby will offer food service, a fitness center, wellness services, technical support, and flexible conference and meeting spaces.

The new tower will take advantage of the new streetcar, but it remains to be seen exactly what happens to Mutual’s current headquarters in midtown Omaha.

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