Tallest Buildings in Omaha

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Omaha may not be known for its supertall skyscrapers, but it is home to the tallest building in the region. And that building is about to be dwarfed by a new corporate headquarters currently under construction in downtown Omaha.

5 Tallest Buildings in Omaha, Nebraska

#1 – First National Bank (FNB) Tower

The FNB Tower stands as an iconic symbol of Omaha’s skyline. Soaring at 634 feet, it effortlessly clenches the title of the tallest building in Omaha.

Completed in 2002, this structure features a striking blue glass exterior that reflects the ever-changing sky. The building’s design incorporates modern aesthetics with a functional layout, housing offices, retail spaces, and amenities. The tower’s elevated presence showcases Omaha’s economic significance and demonstrates the city’s progress and commitment to embracing contemporary infrastructure.

#2 – WoodmenLife Tower

For years, until the rise of the First National Bank Tower, Woodmen Tower held the title of Omaha’s tallest at 478 feet.

Construction for the 30-story skyscraper in downtown Omaha began in 1966 and was brought to completion in 1969. It currently serves as the headquarters of WoodmenLife insurance company.

Since 1988, Peregrine falcons have found refuge in the tower’s upper reaches, taking advantage of its height and safety for nesting. A live webcam of the falcons is maintained on WoodmenLife’s official website.

#3 – Union Pacific Center

The Union Pacific Center attests to the city of Omaha’s crucial involvement in the railroad industry.

This impressive corporate headquarters, coming in at 328 feet tall, serves as the nerve center for the Union Pacific Railroad. It was developed with two key guidelines in mind: efficiency and sustainability. The building’s architecture seamlessly blends modern design with subtle nods to its historical roots, featuring a grand atrium and state-of-the-art facilities.

Fun Fact: Although the Union Pacific Center is much shorter than the FNB Tower, it actually has more space. It has over 1.2 million square feet of office space, while the FNB Tower has about 730k square feet of space.

#4* – Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha headquarters in midtown Omaha

This is the only building not in downtown.

The Mutual of Omaha Building is a representation of Omaha’s rich history and enduring legacy. Erected in 1970, this building stands 268 feet tall, making it a prominent fixture in the midtown skyline. As the headquarters of the esteemed Mutual of Omaha insurance company, the building signifies the company’s deep-rooted ties to the region and its commitment to serving the community’s financial needs. The Mutual of Omaha Building remains a testament to Omaha’s corporate prowess and architectural innovation.

*The Mutual of Omaha Building’s fourth-place status is destined to be short-lived. In 2023, construction began on Mutual of Omaha’s new headquarters in downtown Omaha at the edge of Gene Leahy Mall. When completed in 2026, it will be the tallest building in Omaha (677 square feet).

#5 – AT&T

The AT&T Building is one that may stand in the shadows of other more notable buildings in Omaha, NE.

It was once the tallest structure in Omaha until the Woodmen, now WoodmenLife, tower surpassed it in 1969. And while it may be the last on our list and least in terms of height (265 feet), its classical relevance makes it a cherished cornerstone of the city’s identity.

Constructed in 1918 as a 15-story tower, its stature leaped to 16 stories in 1970 with the addition of another floor. The telecommunication company, Northwestern Bell called AT&T home until 1991. Northwestern Bell underwent various mergers and acquisitions that eventually led to its incorporation into AT&T. Hence the name, “AT&T Building.” It is now used for CenturyLink’s Omaha operations.