Best Restaurants in the Old Market

Ryan Renner - Omaha Real Estate Agent
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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There are a lot of places to eat in the Old Market. Here are my favorites.

Old Market Passageway in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska

A Little More Upscale / Fine Dining
(None of these places have a formal dress code so don’t cross them off the list just because you didn’t bring your Sunday best.)
V. Mertz
Boiler Room

Le Bouillon Restaurant in Omaha's Old Market

Seafood / Sushi
Blue Sushi
Hiro 88

After dinner, consider heading to Ted & Wally’s for some homemade ice cream.

Ted & Wally's Ice Cream Shop in Old Market in Omaha

Restaurants I Would Avoid:

Upstream – If you talk to a local about eating downtown, they may suggest Upstream. Upstream is fine. The food is OK. It’s not terrible. It’s also not memorable. If I’m visiting somewhere new, I don’t want to eat a meal that’s just fine.

Upstream could be a good option if you need a place late in the evening or if you have younger kids. They have a lot to choose from and it’s laid back so you won’t feel guilty if your youngsters are acting up.